Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About the creators of this toy...

The owners of the Imagination Box Company’s mission are to create arts and craft toys that teach about recycling and the environment while they have fun. The creators of this toy created this for their young children who they home schooled. Their children are now adults. They live on a farm in Idaho and wanted to create a toy that was environmentally friendly. They wanted to make a change in the toy industry and started their business in April of 2007. Their toys are made from 45% post consumer materials, and since both the toys and packaging are 100% recyclable they consider themselves to have 95% zero waste products. The watercolors, which come with the box, are the only non-recyclable part of the toy. They are 100% made in the American in Idaho. The toys are assembled by the Panhandle Special Needs, Inc., who provides people with disabilities jobs and an important place in society. The dyes on the toys are earth friendly and water based. They are dedicated to being the change we wish to see in the world.

We believe - "There's an artist in every child and a child in every artist!"

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